About Us

Earth’s Garden Organics is an Australian owned company, operating in South Australia and Queensland.

Our Story

We have a passion for sourcing the regions highest quality organic fruit and vegetables from local growers and farm’s we trust! The organic produce is packed and distributed from our It’s Fresh Warehouse at the Produce Market. Our facility is fitted with automated temperature control, ensuring products arrive at its destination in the best possible condition. We have specialist organic buyers who are dedicated professionals sourcing the highest quality organic produce from the early hours of the morning. Contact Guido or Adam today, and you could be taking your fresh produce offer to the next level.

What is Organic Produce?

When we’re talking organic, we’re talking fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown with zero exposure to chemical fertilizers, synthetic herbicides, pesticides or preservatives. Let’s face it, all those things aren’t that great for the eco-system whilst Organic fruit & veg are created just as nature intended! It is also grown in safe soil that has been tested making sure it is a natural as possible. They have not been given any artificial helping hand with the use of growth hormones. Growing organic fruit & veg supports a sustainable world, taking care to use renewable resources and conserving energy, soil and water.

Meet our Growers

The Earth’s Garden growers are carefully selected to ensure a broad range of seasonal produce is available to our customers. This select group range from smaller produce farms on as little as 2 acres to the larger orchards all with the same mindset of providing you with healthy fresh organic produce. Earth’s Garden growers really are passionate about the goodness of fresh fruit and vegetables and the environment.

What is Certified Organic?

It is the certification mark of approval, only permitted for use by producers and processors and the like, who meet a set criteria bound by the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce. The Certified organic label essentially provides proof to the market and the end user that the producer and or processor or manufacturer abides by the relevant standard and undergoes monitored practices as required. Certified Organic Producers go through a three phase process to become certified organic. This involves annual audits by external certifying bodies, and they are required to abide by strict compliance and regulation involving documentation of procedures and practices in line with the National Standard. This process can take more than three years and gives you and your family absolute peace of mind.